Psalm 96:9 wyc

He dances to the
sounds of our prayers as they
travel through the wind.

Rebirth of Love?

The constellations

were never aligned for us

to cross stars again.

Untitled Ninety-three

Do you love me?

There was a plea in your eyes

a choking sob

you caught in your throat.

I always thought I would be the one

to ask you those frightening questions

of doubt


The plan was never for anyone to get hurt

I’m sorry

for the pain I will cause your heart.

How cruel of me

to ruin a beautiful day

under the sun.



Learn It and Weep

trk. 2

broken bond when one
lies of little things they lie
about everything !

— Day Sibley

Learn It and Weep

trk. 1

Never compromise

dignity for the sake of


— Day Sibley, Learn It and Weep

Cardiac Arrest

June 7, 2017

vibrating body
waves of light
suspended air
disorient sounds
this is what it feels like to die.

— day sibley, cardiac arrest 

When You Get the Rejection Letter

Rejections, after Lauren Elma Frament


In a year of taking a break from submitting, I almost forgot how tedious sending your work to publications can be. You put blood, sweat and tears in revising your work to death before sending it out, and boom! You get the big “no”.

Sending my pieces to lit. journals had come in small blessings, usually unexpected. There were times my pieces fitted the theme of the journal and I got the boot. There were times I would cry and question if I should write at all, some I didn’t care.

Which is to say, you shouldn’t question whether you’re a good writer or not, there’s plenty of journals worldwide. It’s one of the scenarios where you have to push yourself. It’s not going to be easy–it’s really frustrating to be honest, but it’s part of the journey being a writer.





She Liked The Way They Died

She watches the sky

a horrific shade of black

air heavy

with mortal screams.

Her tail glitters ever shade of blue

webbed claws sharp as razors

emerged from the sea

assembling herself onto an ice floe

gazing at the dying subjects,

sinking to the depths of the ocean.

The mermaid snapped out of her trance,

turning to see a youthful maiden with hair like that of the sun;

who drifted far from her kin.

With amusement, the mermaid watched

as the bright haired child struggled to stay afloat

her pleading eyes sinking below.

— Day Sibley, She Liked The Way They Died 

written and revised since 2011

Untitled Ninety-one

I showed you too much affection

like an over watered plant

and with it

your love


— Day Sibley

Billy Kidd
Billy Kidd

Untitled Ninety

If you keep burying your feelings
deep in the ocean
the current of the tide will spit it
back out.

— Day Sibley

Untitled Eighty-eight

I wanna love you in all the places

you try to hide from me, so I can

tell you not to be afraid anymore.

I want our love to be whole enough

to where questioning it, is out of the


I meant it the first time, I loved you

then and now. There’s nothing you

can do about it.